Escaping Demons

Escaping Demons

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List of things to do: Get a new job. Keep my perfect boyfriend. Fighting evil spirits? That’s way above my pay grade.


I’m Addison. As a home care nurse, I’m trained to expect the unexpected but nothing could prepare me for my new job at the haunted estate, or the demons trying to trick me, or ya know, the ghosts who know my name. If that wasn’t enough, the strange son of my patient holds a secret behind his intense eyes when he looks at me. Like he knows me.


My gut tells me I should run in the opposite direction, but I can’t lose this job.


Left to my own devices, I’m forced into a world I didn’t know existed. Add a rogue reaper named Ambrose who’s as quirky as he is deadly. Despite my hatred of him, Ambrose has gone against the entire Reaper Council…for me. He’s trying to save my life.


If I can’t learn to defy the demons who haunt the estate then all hope might be lost. Not only for me but for the family I’ve come to love.


Everything is falling apart, but the nightmare has just begun.